Cruise 2015

We cruised the Mediterranean on the Emerald Princess (a gorgeous ship!) for two weeks starting in Barcelona and ending in Athens. Stayed one night in Barcelona to see the sights before boarding the ship. During the cruise, we did an excursion at each port including Marseille, Cinque Terre, Florence & Pisa, Malta, Sicily, Rome, Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius, Crete, Rhodes, Ephesus, and Santorini. We also had two days at sea. At the end of cruise, we stayed in Athens for two nights to see the sights before flying home. Emma designed her own postcards for each destination from photos she took with her phone camera. Mike made GPS tracks of our shore visits.
MediterraneanCruise  Itinerary IMG 1387  Barcelona, Spain IMG 1527  Marseille, France IMG 1647  Cinque Terre, Italy
IMG 1758  Florence & Pisa, Italy IMG 2125  Malta IMG 2255  Sicily IMG 2401  Rome, Itlay
IMG 2631  Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius, Italy IMG 2776  Greek Island of Crete IMG 20150819 142800  Greek Island of Rhodes IMG 3145  Ephesus, Turkey
IMG 3291  Greek Island of Santorini IMG 3502  Athens, Greece