Seattle Lunch, July 2016

Mike & Jeff take a 2.5 hour lunch at the Spruce Goose Cafe. BFI-0S9 on a beautiful day. Thanks to Jeff for the great photos.
IMG 3087  Pre-Flight IMG 3088 IMG 3089  Listening to ATIS and contacting Ground. IMG 3090  Takeoff with the Boeing Anniversary event below.
IMG 3091  Takeoff, with the Boeing Anniversary going on below. IMG 3092  Look at that collection of nice Boeing airplanes! IMG 3093  On L downwind after departing BFI 13L. IMG 3094  Downtown Seattle up ahead, we're going to fly right past it.
IMG 3095 IMG 3097  CenturyLink Stadium IMG 3098  N downtown Seattle and Lake Union IMG 3099  Space Needle
IMG 3100  With all the water and islands around Puget Sound, airplanes and ferries are popular ways to get around. IMG 3101 IMG 3103 IMG 3104
IMG 3105 IMG 3106  There's JeffCo! On R downwind for runway 09. IMG 3107  Let's park this thing and get some lunch. IMG 3108
IMG 3109  It's nice to fly with windows open on a warm day. We're going back to work, but we're still smiling. IMG 3110  Approaching Shilshole marina. IMG 3111 IMG 3112  Over Ballard, the locks on the R.
IMG 3113  Ballard Locks IMG 3116  Hey there's Seattle again! We're almost home. IMG 3117