Motorcycling Page


Here is basic physics stuff about bikes.

My current bike is a Honda Magna .

The Magna is powered by Honda's venerable V-4 engine. This is one of the best motorcycle engines ever made. It is smooth running with strong low end torque torque and screaming top end power at its (stock) 10,000 RPM redline. It puts out about 75-80 RWHP at sea level in stock condition. It weighs about 540 lbs. ready to ride. It does 0-60 in about 4.4 seconds, the 1/4 mile in about 12.6 seconds @ about 105 MPH. Pretty quick for a cruiser style motorbike.

With the mods I have done, mine puts out about 82 RWHP with a bigger, fatter, smoother torque curve. I improved the handling with new shocks & springs front and rear. I improved the front brake with a stainless steel braided hose and added a flyscreen for smoother freeway riding.

I've had a few motorbikes over the years. . . Here is most of them. Along the way there were a few others but these are the ones I've owned for at least a year.

A 1974 Honda CB-350-4. That's right -- a 350cc 4-cylinder. Those are 4 tiny little cylinders! About 30 horsepower -- just enough to be barely rideable on the freeway. This was my very first motorbike. I owned it for about a year and it died on Highway 128 near Lake Berryessa in California. Total miles I put on this bike: 10,000.

A 1978 Honda CB-550-K. About 50 horsepower -- this was a good, reliable bike. Like the 350 it was high maintenance though, every 2,000 miles it needed points filed, dwell and timing adjustment, valve adjustment and oil changed. It died when the transmission exploded at 80,000 miles while going down the freeway near Benicia in California. Total miles I put on this bike: 50,000.

A 1983 Kawasaki GPZ-750. This one was fully race modified, drilled and wired. It had velocity stacks, no air filters, straight pipe, jetted and dyno-tuned and 12:1 compression. Otherwise known as the "Green Machine". I only had this bike for a few months until a friend of mine "inherited" it. Total miles I put on this bike: 3,000.

A 1992 Suzuki GSX-750. This was another way-too-fast bike. I jetted the carbs, put on a straight pipe exhaust and dyno tuned it. 100 hp at the rear wheels. Need I say more? This one leaped over a cliff near Los Angeles, California. Total miles I put on this bike: 13,000

A 1999 Honda Magna 750. This is my current (and favorite) bike. It is reliable, has good power and torque, looks great and is fun to ride. I made a few mods but it's mostly stock. Total miles I've put on this bike (so far): > 19,000.