Defense of one's self, family and country is not just a right, it is the duty of all free people. The right to keep and bear arms is the most fundamental human right, one which precedes all others and forms the distinction between "citizens" and "subjects".

Did you know that much of the wildlife habitat that has been preserved has been done by hunters? That controlling animal populations prevents animal overcrowding, crop and property damage, auto collisions, preserving plant life and ecological balance? And that hunters pay for the privilege of performing this service, and their fees support wildlife management and preservation? That the meat from animals harvested by hunters is cleaner, healthier and more humane than meat that comes from factory farms? That hunting is one of the safest pastimes, having a rate of injury, death and property damage lower than golf? The WA dept of fish and game made San Juan County a restricted firearm zone this year (2006). Now we have to hunt deer with shotguns. Most responsible hunters here in the islands were already doing this voluntarily, so it comes as no surprise.

Sheep, sheep dogs and wolves

Biblical history of the 1911 government model.

Here is an excellent article on Holster Selection.

Secure, quick access gun safes:

The best holsters I have found: Kramer Leather. Superbly designed, unmatched durability (in horsehide) and build quality like artwork.

The second best holsters I have found: FIST. Similar to Kramer in durability and design, with solid build quality.

Top quality factory holsters: Galco. Well designed and durable, perhaps the best mass produced factory holster. But it's just a step down from the ultimate quality available in hand build custom holsters.

A comparison of Sig and Glock, two of the best handguns made in the world today.

Jeff Cooper, 5/20/1920 - 9/25/2006

A world renowned expert in firearms, decorated Marine who served in WW-II, founder of the modern technique of combat handgun shooting, died at his home at the age of 86 near his Gunsite training center.

He had trained more than 18,000 students from several nations including military, police and civilians.

Cooper made the world a better place by training good people to protect and defend themselves and their country from those who would do harm. He was true warrior and gentleman.