California Trip, July 2008 (37 images)

We flew to California in Mike's plane (the trip was hot and smokey from all the forest fires!). Our first stop was Novato where we got to visit the Clements family. We went to the Marin County Fair, the Novato July 4th Parade, and Marine World. Emma also got to go swimming in a pool (see below) and play at Rodeo Beach with Dad and Grandpa.

Next we flew to Palo Alto to see Michelle's friend Terri. Emma got to swim in Terri's pool. The pictures of us and Mike's plane (see below) were taken by Terri.

Then we flew to Madera to visit the Kennedy family. Emma got to swim in the hotel pool with her cousin Kellyn. Michelle and her sister Jackie attended their 30th high school reunion. After visiting family for a few days, we flew home to Orcas (the return trip was still hot and smokey!).

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